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3666RAS2.1.3Rashdall, HastingsThe universities of Europe in the Middle Ages vol IIIda
3667TEE1.1Teeuwen, MarikenThe vocabulary of intellectual life in the Middle Agesda
3668ADA4.1Adams, J. N.The vulgar Latin of the letters of Claudius Terentianusda
3669WAD1.1Waddell, HelenThe Wandering Scholarsda
3670OAK1.1John H. Oakley andd Rebecca H. SinosThe Wedding in Ancient Athensnu
3671SHI1.1Shimizu, T., Burnett, Ch. (eds.)The Word in Medieval Logic, Theology and Psychology, Acts SIEPM Kyotoda
3672CAM1.1Richard of Campsall (author) ; Synan, Edward A. (ed.)The Works of Richard of Campsall. Vol. I. Questiones super Librum Priorum Analeticorumda
3673HAB1.1Habinek, ThomasThe world of Roman song : from ritualized speech to social orderda
3674THO3.1Thomson, S. HarrisonThe writings of Robert Grossetesteda
3675THE6.1Actes du Colloque de StrasbourgTheatre Et Spectacles Dans L'Antiquiteda