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3526LLO2.1Lloyd, Geoffrey Ernest RichardThe ambivalences of rationality : ancient and modern cross-cultural explorationsda
3527ROG1.1Rogers, KathrinThe Anselmian Approach to God and Creationda
3528SZI1.1Szittya, Penn R.The Antifraternal Tradition in Medieval Literatureda
3529KUN2.1Kunitzsch, PaulThe Arabs and the stars: texts and traditions on the fixed stars, and their influence in medieval Europeda
3530HAR4.1Harrison, ThomasThe ark of studiesnu
3531BAC1.1Roger BaconThe art and science of logicda
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3533ARI1.26AristotelThe Athenian Constitution. The Eudemian Ethics. On Virtues and Vicesda
3534LEW1.1Lewis, SianThe Athenian Woman : an Iconographic Handbookda
3535THO1.34.1Thomas AquinasThe basic writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Vol. 1da
3536THO1.34.2Thomas AquinasThe basic writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Vol. 2da
3537HOB1.1Thomas Raynalde, Elaine Hobby (ed.)The Birth of Mankind: Otherwise Named, The Womens's Book ......da
3538PAK1.1ibn Paḳudah, Baḥye ben Yosef The book of directions to the duties of the heartda
3539YEH1.2Yehudah ha-LeṿiThe Book of Kuzarida
3540VAN1.1Vanderjagt, Arjo; van Berkel, Klaas (eds.)The Book of Nature in Antiquity and the Middle Agesda
3541CHR2.2Christine de PizanThe book of the city ladiesda
3542MON7.1Montanari, F.The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greekda
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3544MAR2.4Marenbon, John (ed.)The Cambridge companion to Boethius da
3545KRE2.1Kretzmann, N.; Kenny, A.; Pinborg, A.The Cambridge Companion to Later Medieval Philosophyda
3546SPA1.2Spade, Paul Vincent (ed.)The Cambridge Companion to Ockhamda
3547KRA1.1Kraut, RichardThe Cambridge companion to Plato da
3548GER3.1Gerson, Lloyd P. (ed.)The Cambridge Companion to Plotinus da
3549PAS1.2Pasnau, RobertThe Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Textsda
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3551BRI2.2Brînzei, Monica; Schabel, Cristopher (eds.)The Cistercian James of Eltville († 1393). Author in Paris and Authority in Viennada
3552VIT2.1Giles of ViterboThe Commentary on the Sentences of Petrus Lombardusda
3553THI1.1Thijssen, J. M. M. H.The commentary tradition on Aristotle's De generatione et corruptioneda
3554HAR2.1Hart, H.L.A.The Concept Of Lawda
3555SAM1.2Sambursky, S.; Pines, S. The Concept of Place in Late Neoplatonismda
3556SAM1.1Sambursky, S.; Pines, S. The Concept of Time in Late Neoplatonismda
3557BOE6.1Boethius, Langston, Douglas C.The Consolation of Philosophyda
3558TAV1.1Tavard, George H.The contemplative churchda
3559KLI1.1Klibansky, RaymondThe continuity of the Platonic Tradition during the Middle Agesda
3560ERA1.1.1Desiderius ErasmusThe correspondence of Erasmus. Letters 1 to 141da
3561ERA1.1.2Desiderius ErasmusThe correspondence of Erasmus. Letters 142 to 297da
3562ERA1.1.3Desiderius ErasmusThe correspondence of Erasmus. Letters 298 to 445da
3563BAX1.1Baxter, TimothyThe Cratylus. Plato's Critique of Namingda
3564PLA1.8PlatonThe Crito and Part of the Phaedoda
3565HYB1.1Nils Hybel; Bjorn PoulsenThe Danish Resources C. 1000-1550. Growth and Recessionda
3566BRA5.1Brann, Noel L.The debate over the origin of genius during the Italian renaissance nu
3567BRA5.1#2Brann, Noel L.The debate over the origin of genius during the Italian renaissancenu
3568ELR1.1El-Rouayheb, KhaledThe development of Arabic logic (1200-1800)da
3569HUG1.4Hugo de Saint-Victor; Taylor, Jerome (transl.)The Didascalicon of Hugh of St. Victorda
3570MOR6.1 Morris, ColinThe discovery of the individual, 1050-1200da
3571VOL1.1Vollert, Cyril O.The Doctrine of Hervaeus Natalis on primitive justice and original sin, as developed in the controversy on original sin during the early decades of the 14th centurynu
3572MOR5.2Morris, Ian; Scheidel, Walter (eds.)The dynamics of ancient empires: state power from Assyria to Byzantiumda
3573WHI2.1Anonymous Monk of Whitby; Bertram Colgrave (tr.)The earliest life of Gregory the Greatda
3574MCG1.1McGrath, S. J. The Early Heidegger and Medieval Philosophyda
3575PRO1.4Proclos (Proclus); E. R. Dodds (trad.)The Elements of theology da