Nr.Cota  AutorTitluDisponibil
2451OZO1.1Ożóg, KrzysztofThe Role of Poland in the Intellectual Development of Europe in the Middle Agesda
2452PAB1.1Pabst, Bernhard Atomtheorien des Lateinischen Mittelaltersnu
2453PAC1.1Pachymeres, GeorgeCommentary on Plato's Parmenidesda
2454PAC2.1Pacaut, MarcelLes ordres monastiques et religieux au Moyen Âge da
2455PAG1.1Page, D. L. (ed.)Epigrammata graecada
2456PAK1.1ibn Paḳudah, Baḥye ben Yosef The book of directions to the duties of the heartda
2457PAL1.1Paluch, Michal; Lichacz, PiotrDominicans and the Challenge of Thomismda
2458PAL2.1Grigorie Palama (Saint Gregory Palamas)Dal sovraessenziale all'essenza. Testo greco a fronteda
2459PAL2.2Grigorie Palama (Saint Gregory Palamas)Atto e luce divina. Scritti filosofici e teologici. Testo greco a frontenu
2460PAL3.1.Palmén, Ritva Richard of St. Victor's theory of imaginationda