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2221MOO1.1Moore, A.W.The infiniteda
2222MOR1.1Morall, John B.Political Thought in Medieval Timesda
2223MOR2.1Moraux, PaulKritisch-exegetisches zu Aristotelesda
2224MOR2.2Moraux, Paul Alexandre d'Aphrodise. Exegete de la Noetique d'Aristoteda
2225MOR2.3.1Moraux, Paul Der aristotelismus bei den griechenda
2226MOR2.3.2Moraux, Paul Der Aristotelismus Bei Den Griechen. Von Andronikos Bis Alexander Von Aphrodisiasda
2227MOR3.1Moréri, Louis Le grand dictionnaire historique , ou Le mélange curieux de l ' histoire sacrée et profaneda
2228MOR4.1Mora-Marquez, Ana María The Thirteenth-Century Notion of Signification. The Discussions and their Origin and Developmentda
2229MOR5.1Morris, IanWhy the West rules - for now: the patterns of history and what they reveal about the futureda
2230MOR5.2Morris, Ian; Scheidel, Walter (eds.)The dynamics of ancient empires: state power from Assyria to Byzantiumda