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2061FER3.1Fernandes, Carla Varela; Barreira Fernandes Catarina; Fontes Joao Luis InglesLoci Sepulcrales. Places of Memory and Burial in the Middle Agesda
2062PAU4.2.1.8Paul of VeniceLogica Magna (I.8)da
2063PAU4.2.2.3Paul of VeniceLogica Magna (II.3)da
2064PAU4.2.2.4Paul of VeniceLogica Magna (II.4)da
2065PAU4.2.2.8Paul of VeniceLogica Magna (II.8)da
2066SPR1.1Spruyt, JokeLogica Morellida
2067PAU4.1Paulus VenetusLogica parvada
2068AVI1.7AvicennaLogica: Logique Du Sifada
2069BAR3.1Barlaam von SeminaraLogistikéda
2070CLA6.1Clanchy, Michael Looking back from the invention of printing : mothers and the teaching of reading in the Middle Agesda