Nr.  CotaAutorTitluDisponibil
1651CAS2.2CassiodorDe animada
1652SMI1.1Smith, LesleyThe Glossa Ordinaria. The Making of a Medieval Bible Commentaryda
1653AUN1.1Aune, David E.Prophecy in Early Christianity and the Ancient Mediteranean Worldda
1654DIG1.1Dignas, B.; Trampedach, Kai (ed.)Practitioners of the Divine. Greek Priests and Religious Officials from Homer to Heliodorusda
1655HYP1.1Hyperidus (ed. f. Blass)Orationes quattuorda
1656MAR5.3Marcus AureliusDe imperatorisda
1657ISO1.1.2Isocrates Orationes Vol.2 (ed. Blass)da
1658ISO1.1.1IsocratesOrationes Vol.1 (ed. Blass)da
1659IUS1.1.2IustinianusNovellae Vol.2 (ed. Zachariae)da
1660IUS1.1.1IustinianusNovellae Vol.1 (ed. Zachariae)da