Nr.  CotaAutorTitluDisponibil
1221BAN1.2Ion BanuFilosofia greaca pana la Platon. Vol IIda
1222COU5.1Courtenay, WilliamSchools and Scholars in fourteenth century Englandnu
1223BRO2.2Peter BrownLa vie de Saint Augustinnu
1224DUH1.2Duhem, Pierre; Arrew, Roger (ed.)Medieval Cosmology. Theories of infinity, place, time, void, and the plurality of worldsda
1225BON1.6Bonaventura; Letterio Mauro (trad.)Itinerario dell'anima a Dio, Breviloquio, Riconduzione delle arti alla teologiada
1226HAM1.8Hamesse, Jacqueline; Steel, Carlos (eds.)L'elaboration du vocabulaire philosophique au Moyen Ageda
1227CHR4.1Christianson, Gerald; Izbicki, Thomas M (eds.)On Christ and the Church. Essays in memory of Chandler McCuskey Brooks for the American Cusanus Societyda
1228CHR4.2Christianson, Gerald; Izbicki, Thomas M (eds.)Nicholas of Cusa in search of God and wisdom. Essays in honor of Morimichi Watanabe by the American Cusanus Societyda
1229PEP1.1Pepin, Jean Theologie cosmique et theologie chrettienne (Ambroise, Exam. I, 1-4)da
1230DAL1.1Dales, Richard C.Medieval discussions of the eternity of the worldda