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3821ArticolX-mac2.2MacDonald, ScottThe Esse/Essentia Argument in Aquinas's De ente et essentiada
3822ArticolX-aer1.2 Aertsen, Jan A.The Eternity of the World: The Believing and The Philosophical Tomas. Some Commentsda
3823CarteREE2.1Reeves, Marjorie ; Hirsch-Reich, BeatriceThe Figurae of Joachim of Fioreda
3824Articolx-ker1.2Kerferd, G.B. The First Greek Sophistsda
3825CarteDUB2.1Duba, William O.The Forge of Doctrine. The Academic Year 1330-31 and the Rise of Scotism at the University of Paris da
3826CarteBIR1.1Bird, Jessalynn Lea; Smith, Damian J. (eds.)The Fourth Lateran Council and the crusade movement. The impact of the council of 1215 on Latin Christendom and the eastda
3827ArticolX-sch5.10Schabel, C. si Minervini, L.The French and Latin Dossier on the Institution of the Governments of Amaury of Lusignanda
3828CarteBLU2.1Blumenberg, Hans The Genesis of the Copernican Worldda
3829ArticolX-del2.1Del Punta, FrancescoThe Genre of Commentaries in the Middle Ages and its Relation to the Nature and Originality of Medieval Toughtda
3830CarteLIC2.1Lickteig, Franz-BernardThe german Carmelites at the Medieval universitiesnu