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3741CarteEBB2.1.1Ebbesen, Sten; Goubier, Frédéric (eds.)A catalogue of 13th-century sophismata: 1. Indroduction and indicesnu
3742CarteEBB2.1.2Ebbesen, Sten; Goubier, Frédéric (eds.) A catalogue of 13th-century sophismata: 2. Cataloguenu
3743CarteFRA5.1Frank, Daniel H. ; Leaman, Oliver ; Manekin, Charles Harry (eds.)The Jewish philosophy readerda
3744CarteLON5.1Longeway, JohnDemonstration and scientific knowledge in William of Ockham: a translation of 'Summa logicae' III-II: 'De syllogismo demonstrativo', and selections from the prologue to the 'Ordinatio'da
3745CarteKRA2.1Kraemer, Joel L.Humanism in the renaissance of Islam: the cultural revival during the Buyid ageda
3746CarteADA3.1#2Adamson, PeterIn the age of al-Fārābī: Arabic philosophy in the fourth/tenth centuryda
3747CarteCAM2.1Campbell, RichardRethinking Anselm's arguments. A vindication of his proof of the existence of Godda
3748CarteWRA1.1Wranovix, Matthew P.Priests and their books in late medieval Eichstätt. Parish priests and their booksda
3749CarteBIB5.1***Tanakh, the Holy Scriptures. The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text [Torah, Nevi'im, Kethuvim]da
3750CarteBIB6.1.1Feldman, Louis H.; Kugel, L. James; Schiffman, Lawrence H. (eds.)Outside the Bible: ancient Jewish writings related to scripture (vol. I)da