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2891CarteSHA3.1Sharpe, Andrew N. Foucalt's Monsters and the Challenge of Lawda
2892CarteMCC1.1 Mcclive, Cathy Menstruation and Procreation in Early Modern Franceda
2893CarteOSW1.1Oswald, Dana M.Monster, Gender and Sexuality in Medieval English Literatureda
2894CarteOGL1.1Ogliari, D. Gratia et certamen. The Relationship between Grace and Free Will in the Discussion of Augustine with the so-called Semipelagiansnu
2895CarteLUG1.3Maaike van der LugtLe ver, le demon et la vierge. Le theories medievales de la generation extraordinaireda
2896CarteBUS1.1Keith Busby, Noris J. Lacy (eds.)Conjunctures: Medieval Studies in Honor of Douglas Kellyda
2897CartePAR4.1Park KatharineSecrets of Women. Gender, Generation and the Origins of Human Dissectionda
2898CartePAB1.1Pabst, Bernhard Atomtheorien des Lateinischen Mittelaltersnu
2899CartePOR1.3Porro, PasqualeTommasso d'Aquino. Un profilo storico-filosoficoda
2900CarteCLA5.1Classen, Albrecht (ed.)Meeting the Foreign in the Middle Agesda