Nr.  TipCotaAutorTitluDisponibil
2821CarteHOM1.4.1HomerOdyssey, 1-12da
2822CarteHOM1.4.2HomerOdyssey, 13-14da
2823CarteHES1.2.1HesiodTheogony, Works and Days, Testimoniada
2824CarteHES1.2.2HesiodThe Shield. Catalogue of Women. Other Fragmentsda
2825CarteOAK1.1John H. Oakley andd Rebecca H. SinosThe Wedding in Ancient Athensnu
2826CarteLID1.1H. G. Lidell and R. ScottGreek-English Lexicon, with a Revised Supplementda
2827CarteHOM1.9.1A. Heubeck, S. West, J.B. HainsworthA Commentary on Homer's Odyssey, vol. Ida
2828CarteHOM1.9.2A. Heubeck, A.HoekstraA Commentary on Homer's Odyssey, vol. IIda
2829CarteHOM1.9.3A. Heubeck, M. Fernandez-Galiano, J. RussoA Commentary on Homer's Odyssey, vol. IIInu
2830CarteCIC1.27CiceroOn Life and Death (trad. J. Davie)nu