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3926ArticolX-thi1.2Thijssen, J. M. M. H. The response to Thomas Aquinas in the early fourteenth century: eternity and infinity in the works of Henry of Harclay, Thomas of Wilton and William of Alnwick O. F. M.da
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3931CarteOZO1.1Ożóg, KrzysztofThe Role of Poland in the Intellectual Development of Europe in the Middle Agesda
3932CarteBEN1.3Sf. BenedictThe Rule of Saint Benedictda
3933Articolx-wil1.1Wilcox, Stanley The Scope of Early Rhetorical Instructionda
3934CarteCHR2.1Blumenfeld-Kosinski, RenateThe selected writings of Christine de Pizanda
3935CarteLOM1.4.1Peter LombardThe Sentences, book 1: The mystery of the Trinityda
3936CarteHES1.2.2HesiodThe Shield. Catalogue of Women. Other Fragmentsda
3937CarteSCH15.1Schrader, DylanThe Shortcut to Scholastic Latinnu
3938Articolx-vla1.3Vlastos, Gregory The Socratic Elenchusda
3939Articolx-qua1.1Quan, Stanislaus The solution of Zeno's first paradoxda
3940ArticolX-wal3.1Wallis, R. T. The Spiritual Importance of Not Knowingda
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3943CarteGRA6.1.2Graham, W. Daniel (ed.)The texts of early Greek philosophy : the complete fragments and selected testimonies of the major Presocratics. Part IIda
3944Articolx-gri2.1Grijs, F. J. A. deThe Thelogical Caracter of Aquinos De aeternitate mundida
3945CarteSEG3.1Segal, Charles The theme of the mutilation of the corpse in the Iliadda
3946Articolx-fei1.1 Feibleman, James K. The Therapy of the Dialecticda
3947CarteEUC1.4EuclidThe thirteen books of Euclid's elements ; the works of Archimedes, including The Methods ; On conic sectionsda
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3950CarteWOL1.1Wolter, Allan B.The transcedentals and their function in the metaphysics of Duns Scotusda