Nr.TipCotaAutorTitlu Disponibil
2276CarteMS2.1#1***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2277CarteMS2.1#2***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2278CarteMS2.2***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2279CarteMS2.3***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2280CarteMUD1.1Mudry, PhilippeMedicina, soror philosophiaeda
2281CarteBAK1.1Patricia A. Baker, Han Nijdam, Karine van `t LandMedicine and Space. Body, Surroundings and Borders in Antiquity and the Middle Agesda
2282CarteTUR2.1Turner, Wendy J.; Butler,Sara M.;Medicine and the Law in the Middle Agesda
2283CarteDUH1.2Duhem, Pierre; Arrew, Roger (ed.)Medieval Cosmology. Theories of infinity, place, time, void, and the plurality of worldsda
2284CarteDAL1.1Dales, Richard C.Medieval discussions of the eternity of the worldda
2285CarteMedEn24Medieval Encountersda
2286CarteSZP1.1Ryan SzpiechMedieval Exegesis and Religious Difference. Commentary, Conflict and Community in the Premodern Mediterraneanda
2287CarteHEN5.1Henry, D. P.Medieval Logic and Metaphysics. A Modern Introductionda
2288CarteBAL4.1Băltuță, Elena (ed.)Medieval Perceptual Puzzles. Theories of Sense Perception in the 13th and 14th Centuriesda
2289CarteMAU1.1Maurer, Armand A.Medieval Philosophy da
2290CarteCOP2.4Copleston, FrederickMedieval Philosophyda
2291CarteAER1.5Aertsen, Jan Medieval Philosophy and the transcendentals. The case of Thomas Aquinasda
2292CarteAER1.4Aertsen, Jan. A.Medieval Philosophy as Transcendental Thought, from Philip the Cancellor (ca.1225) to Francisco Suarezda
2293Articolx-ste1.2Steel CarlosMedieval Philosophy: an Impossible Project? Thomas Aquinas and the "Averroistic" Ideal of Happinessda
2294CarteKON1.4König-Pralong, CatherineMédiévisme philosophique et raison moderne. De Pierre Bayle à Ernest Renanda
2295CarteBRI1.1Briguglia, Gianluca (ed)Medioevo in discussione. Temi, problemi, interpretazioni del pensiero medievaleda
2296CarteHUG1.5Hugo din Saint-VictorMeditatii spiritualeda
2297CarteCLA5.1Classen, Albrecht (ed.)Meeting the Foreign in the Middle Agesda
2298CarteECK3.1Meister EckhartMeister Eckhart: a modern translationda
2299Carte~A.XV/57***Melanges de l'Universite Saint-Josephda
2300CarteMEL2.1Melanges de Philosophie, de Literature et d'Histoire Ancienne Offerts a Pierre Boyanceda