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Other results:



Sandu Frunza - Boston University (Fulbright scholarship), Sept.-Dec. 2007 Mobility covered from his own Fulbright scholarship)

Iulia Grad si Catalin Vasile Bobb - Central European University, Nov. 2007.


1. Mihaela Frunza, Rethinking the status of philosophy today, SCIRI conference, 14 Dec. 2007



1. Sandu Frunza, Boston University (Fulbright Scholar), January-February. - Mobility covered from his own Fulbright scholarship)

2. Mihaela Frunza, research stage at the Institute for Global Dialogue from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA (26.01-09.02. 2008).

3. Frunză Sandu şi Frunză Mihaela-Cornelia, Universitatea "Al. I. Cuza", Iasi (15-16 mai 2008) Mobility covered from other projects, because in this phase the current financing scheme did not approve the organization of national travel. At Iasi University, MF and SF interviewed the following persons: Prof. Dr. Nicu Gavriluţă, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy; Prof. Dr. Anton Adămuţ, vicedean of the Faculty of Philosophy; Prof. Dr. Constantin Sălăvăstru, provost of Al. I. Cuza Univ., Iaşi; Prof. Dr. Petre Bejan,; Insp. Gen. Eugen Stoica, MECT, Bucureşti;  Insp. Laurenta Hacman, ISJ Suceava; Prof. Dr. Ivan Ivlampie, Univ. Dunărea de Jos, Galaţi; Prof. Traian Palade, Prof. Voicu Victor.

4. Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza did a research stage at the Department of Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest - 14-21 June 2008. They did interviews with prof. Dr. Howard Robinson, Provost CEU, Hanach Ben Yani, Prof. Ferenc Huoranszki, Prof. Michael Griffin, Prof. David Weberman - all of them members of the Philosophy Department.

5. Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza went to Bucharest University and "Ovidius" University from Constanta  (9-13 July 2008). The mobility was  covered from other projects, because in this phase the current financing scheme did not approve the organization of national travel. They made interviews with prof dr. Mircea Flonta, prof. Dr. Adrian-Paul Iliescu, from the Faculty of Philosophy, Bucharest University and prof dr. Vasile Macoviciuc, the chair of humanist disciplines from ASE Bucureşti and with prof. Dr. Nuredin Ibram, the chair of Philosophy classes at  Ovidius University.

6. Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza - research stage and participation to the international conference in Sofia (15-18 Sept. 2008)


  1. Sandu Frunză, Muslim minority in Romania between secularization and religious revival, paper presented at the international conference Fighting Radicalization of Islam. What Schools can do?, 17-18.09.2008, BTA, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  2. Mihaela Frunză, New perspectives on the relationship among philosophy, ethics and religion, paper presented during the seminar of Prof. Swidler, February 2008, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, SUA.
  3. Mihaela Frunză, Studiile de caz in predarea eutanasiei. Aspecte etice si didactice, prezentare la A 4-a Conferinta nationala de bioetica. Demnitatea fiintei umane in epoca biotehnologiilor, 22-24 mai 2008, Sovata, România.
  4. Mihaela Frunză, Who and why is afraid of feminism in Romania?, paper presented during the international conference ESWTR Regional Conference Contribution of women in shaping the spiritual features of a unified Europe. Past experiences that shape the present and the future, 5-7 septembrie 2008, Facultatea de Teologie Romano-Catolică, Cluj, România.
  5. Mihaela Frunză, Survey Results for Romania, paper presented during the international conference Fighting Radicalization of Islam. What Schools can do?, 17-18.09.2008, BTA, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  6. Mihaela Frunză, Developing Gender Studies in Romanian Postgraduate Education şi Prejudices and stereotypes about feminism among the Romanian intellectuals, presentations during International Women's Danube Conference, 30.09-2.10. 2008, Ulm, Germania.
  7. Cătălin Vasile Bobb, Muslim minority in Romania. Religious and Philosophical perspectives, paper presented during the international conference Studying and preventing the Islam radicalization, 1-4.04.2008, University of Granada, Spania.

Other results

Catalin Vasile Bobb applied during the competition TD, program "Human Resources", CNCSIS and was granted the project TD_384.

All grant members participated at the program "Awarding research results" for articles published between 2007-2008.



1. Mihaela Frunza, Sandu Frunza - research stage at Curriculum Resource Center, CEU Budapest (5.02.2009-13.02.2009). They consulted the personnel of  CRC (Matyas Szabo, Melinda Molnar) and of CELAB (Judit Sandor, Eniko Demeny).


  1. Cătălin Vasile Bobb, Problemele hermeneuticii fenomenologice in filosofia lui Ricoeur (Problems of phenomenological hermeneutics in Ricoeur's philosophy) 29.05.2009, (SCIRI conference, chair of Systematic Philosophy)
  2. Sandu Frunză, Diminuarea prestigiului social al filosofiei în discursul public din România (Diminishing of the social prestige of philosophy in Romanian public discourse) (11.09.2009, SCIRI conference)
  3. Mihaela Frunză, Propuneri de politici publice privind recîştigarea locului pierdut de filosofie în învăţământul liceal (Proposals for public policies concerning the regaining of the lost place of philosophy in highschool education) (11.09.2009, SCIRI conference)
  4. Cătălin Vasile Bobb, Resursele hermeneuticii în încercarea de a înţelege criza filosofiei în contextul cultural românesc (Resources of hermeneutics in the attempt to understanding the crisis of philosophy in the Romanian cultural context) (11.09.2009, SCIRI conference)
  5. Iulia Grad, Criza filosofiei în sistemul educaţional românesc. Posibile deschideri oferite de filosofia dialogului (Crisis of philosophy in the Romanian educational system. Possible openings offered by the philosophy of dialogue) (11.09.2009, SCIRI conference)

Cooperation activities in highschools

1. in 7.05.2009 Mihaela Frunză took part with a paper at the pedagogical meeting of social sciences teachers from highschools in Cluj, organized at Avram Iancu College. On this occasion, a debate took place on the issues presented, and highschool teachers had the opportunity of presenting their views concerning the place of philosophy in current curricula, concerning the diminution of the numbers of teaching hours and the marginalization of the discipline in highschool education.

2. In 5.06.2009, Mihaela Frunză and Sandu Frunză participated at the meeting organized together with Constanţa Stăncescu during the Days of the Technical Energetic College

3. In 20.05.2009 Mihaela Frunză and Sandu Frunză participated at a meeting organized together with Alina Bărăian at George Bariţiu National College.


National workshop "The institutional crisis of philosophy" - organized in cooperation with SACRI, Faculty of History and Philosophy, BBU Cluj and the Romanian Society of Philosophy, Cluj branch. The program took place under the framework of CNCSIS, as activity in the projects ID_511 and ID_2265.