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Prof. dr. Radu ARDEVAN

Name:  ARDEVAN,  Radu

Date and place of birth:  17th of December 1951, Cluj-Napoca.


-       "Mihai Eminescu" - Highschool of Cluj-Napoca (accomplished 1970)

-       Faculty of History-Philosophy at the "Babeş-Bolyai"-University in Cluj-Napoca (graduated 1974), section history, specialization in ancient history and archaeology

Foreign languages:  French, German, English, Italian, Latin

Marital status:  married

E-mail       .


Posted works:  


Professional activity:

1974-1975: archivist at the State Archives, county section Braşov.

1976-1979: archivist at the State Archives, county section Cluj (palaeographer for Latin and Old German). Research on the ancient history and Latin epigraphy.

1979-1985: archaeologist at the Transylvanian History Museum in Cluj-Napoca, in the county office of the National Cultural Heritage. Archaeological explorations and rescue excavations in the county, efforts for the protection of the archaeological sites. Since 1981 - also keeper of coins in the museum's Cabinet of Medals. Researches on Romano-Dacian epigraphy and history, and ancient numismatics as well.

1985-1992: archaeologist at the Transylvanian History Museum in Cluj-Napoca, section ancient history. Explorations and rescue excavations, efforts for the registering and protection of the archaeological sites, work for evidence and administration of the monetary collection, typographic correction of papers for the museum's yearbook. Researches on Romano-Dacian epigraphy and history, but also on ancient numismatics. Since 1990, invited as suppliant lecturer at the "Babeş-Bolyai" University (courses of ancient history, ancient numismatics, epigraphy - in the Faculty of History; also of ancient history and auxiliary sciences of classics - in the Faculty of Letters)

1992-1998:  senior research fellow IIIrd degree at the Institute for Archaeology and Art History of Cluj-Napoca (belonging to the Romanian Academy). Researches on ancient epigraphy and numismatics, work in the redaction border of the yearbook. The cooperation with the University goes further.  

1998-2002:  senior research fellow IInd degree (i. e. "Dozent") at the same Institute, with the same activities. Cooperation with the University continues, adding also lessons for the masters-students, and memberships in doctoral juries.  

2002-2013:  reader (or „associated professor") at the "Babeş-Bolyai"-University of Cluj-Napoca, in the Department for Ancient History and Archaeology. Similar research activity, and also didactic work.

2013-2017:  professor at the same University, in the same Department. Similar activities. Since 2015:  also director of doctoral dissertations, at the same University.  

2017-2018:  same job at the same University, with prolongation of the contract.

Since 2018:  emeritus, hired as associated teacher.


Documentations abroad:  

-       15 August - 15 September 1980: Martigny (Switzerland), excavations in a Romano-Gaullish town;

-       1 August - 30 September 1992:  Passau (Germany), invited by the Chair of Ancient History (prof. Hartmut Wolff);

-       18 October - 2 November 1994:  Helsinki (Finland), invited by the Institute of Classics (prof. Heikki Solin);

-       3 - 13 June 1996:  Vienna (Austria), invited by the Institute for Ancient History (prof. Ekkehard Weber);

-       6 May - 15 June 2002:  Vienna (Austria), invited by the Institute for Ancient History (acad. Gerhard Dobesch);

-       1 February - 1 March 2005: Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany), invited by the Romano-German Commission of the German Archaeological Institute (prof. Siegmar von Schnurbein)


PhD degree:   thesis Municipal Life in Roman Dacia at the "Babeş-Bolyai"-University in Cluj-Napoca, scientific advisor prof. Ioan Piso (defended in the 5th of September 1994).

Habilitation:  at the "Babeş-Bolyai"-University in Cluj-Napoca (thesis defended in the 27th of November 2014). Members of the jury: prof. Gh. Vlad Nistor (University of Bucharest), dr. habil. Coriolan H. Opreanu (Institute for Archaeology and Art History in Cluj-Napoca), prof. François Chausson (University Sorbonne I, Paris).  


Didactic moments abroad: 

-       between the 1st February and the 31th May 1998, visiting professor at the "Eötvös Loránd"-University in Budapest (Hungary)

-       between the18th October and the 25th of November 1999 and then 5th March and 5th April 2001, visiting professor at the "Kossuth Lajos"-University in Debrecen (Hungary) 

-       between 20th and 26th November 2006, invited at the University of Ferrara (Italy), for three conferences about Roman Dacia

-       16th September 2008, member in a doctoral jury of the University of Salamanca (Spain); thesis Los cultos orientales en la Dacia romana. Formas de difusión, integración y control social e ideológico by Juan Ramón Carbó García (scientific advisor prof. María José Hidalgo de la Vega).

-       17th September 2008, a conference in the University of Salamanca (Spain) 

-       6th and 9th October 2008, two conferences at the „School of International Letters and Culture" of Arizona State University, Phoenix (U.S.A.)   

-       12th March 2010, member in a doctoral jury at the University of Ferrara (Italy); thesis Le alae dell'esercito romano in Dacia. Analisi storica e catalogo delle fonti epigrafiche, archeologiche e numismatiche by Sara Faccini  (scientific advisor prof. Daniela Pupillo)

-       18th and 20th May 2010, conference in the Universities of Bydgoszcz and Poznan (Poland)

-       between 28th February and 4th March 2011, invited at the Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy), for five conferences

-    4th May 2012, conference in the University of Ferrara (Italy) 

-       between 22th and 28th April 2013, two conferences at the "Mikolaj Kopernik"-University in Torun (Poland) 

-       between 6th and 13th May 2013, two conferences at the Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy) 

-       7th May 2013, conference in the Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Italy) - in direct contact with the Università degli Studi di Modena (Italy) 

-       7th March 2016, member in a doctoral jury at the University of Ferrara (Italy); thesis The Military Aspect in the Three Cities and the Five Cities provinces in Libya, during the Roman period (from 27 BC to 300 AD): a comparative Study between the Literature and the Archaeological Sources  by Mohamed Ali El-Kawafi (scientific advisor prof. Livio Zerbini)

-       between 10th and 12th April 2018, five conferences at the ˮEötvös Lorándˮ-University in Budapest (Hungary) 


Memberships in scientific societies:

-  1977 - Romanian Society for Classics

            -  1979 - Romanian Numismatic Society

            -  1982 - Association Internationale d'Epigraphie Grecque et Latine (AIEGL); elected representor of Romania in its Commitee (2017-2021) 

            -  1992 - "Ars Transilvaniae" Association

            -  1995 - Romanian Archaeological Index

            -  1995 - Romanian-German Cultural Society of Cluj-Napoca

            -  1998 - Hungarian Numismatic Society

            -  2009 - Laboratorio di studi e ricerche sulle Antiche province Danubiane (Ferrara)

            -  2017 - Association "La Maison Roumaine" (Paris)


Memberships in redaction boards of specialised yearbooks: 

-       Acta Musei Napocensis, Cluj-Napoca (1986-1992, 2008-2012)

-       Ephemeris Napocensis, Cluj-Napoca (1993-2002)

-       Annales Universitatis Apulensis, series historica, Alba Iulia (2008- )

-       Apulum. Acta Musei Apulensis, Alba Iulia  (2009- )

-       Buletinul Societăţii Numismatice Române, Bucureşti (2009- ) 

-       Studia Historica. Historia Antigua, Salamanca (2009- )

-       Studii şi Cercetări de Numismatică, Bucureşti  (2010- )

-       Bibliotheca Historica et Archaeologica Universitatis Temesiensis, Timișoara (2011-)

-       Analele Banatului, Timișoara (2012-2017) 


-       Arys. Antigüedad, religiones y sociedades, Madrid (2015-)


-       Acta Archaeologica Lodziensia, Lodz (2016- ) 


-       Arheologia Moldovei, Iași (2017- )


-       Banatica, Reșița  (2018- )   


2000:  "Vasile Pârvan"-award of the Romanian Academy for the book published in 1998.

2009:  national award „Teacher of the year" of the „Babeş-Bolyai"-University Cluj-Napoca. 

2017:  award for didactic excellence of the „Babeş-Bolyai"-University Cluj-Napoca.

2018:  "Opera omnia"-award of the Faculty    


Participations with papers at international congresses and symposia:

-       Congresses of Greek and Latin Epigraphy: Constanţa 1977, Athens 1982, Sofia 1987, Nîmes 1992, Rome 1997, Barcelona 2002, Oxford 2007, Berlin 2012, Vienna 2017

-       Congresses of Numismatics: London 1986 - paper only, Bruxelles 1991, Berlin 1997, Madrid 2003 - paper only

-       Colloquia AIEGL: Pamplona 1987 (Epigraphia juridica Romana) - paper only, Tarragona 1988 (Religiones antiguas en el Occidente romano) - paper only, Sevilla 1996 (Ciudades privilegiadas en el Occidente romano)

-       Romanian-Swiss colloquia on Roman provincial archaeology: Deva 1991, Berne 1993, Tulcea 1995 - paper only

-       Congresses of Christian archaeology: Split 1994, Vienna 1999

-       Archaeological symposion "Beneficiarii": Osterburken 1990

-       Symposium „Classic civilisations in ancient Europe": Cluj-Napoca 1994

-       Symposium "The Roman limes on Middle and Lower Danube": Kladovo 1995

-       Limes-Congresses: XVII - Zalău 1997, XIX - Pécs 2003, XX - León 2006 (paper only)

-       Symposium "Army and urban development in the Danubian provinces of Rome": Alba Iulia 1999

-       Romanian-Jugoslavian symposium „The Iron Gates region in the time of Roman Dacia (AD 106-271)": Drobeta - Turnu Severin 2000

-       Anniversary symposium of the Hungarian Numismatic Society: Esztergom 2001

-       Symposium „Novae and the Lower Danubian limes from Vespasian to Diocletian": Švištov 2001

-       Symposium „Vertragspraxis und Römisches Recht": Nagycenk 2003

-       Symposium "Römische Städte und Festungen an der Donau": Belgrade 2003

-       Hungarian-Romanian symposia „Mensa rotunda epigraphiae Dacicae Pannonicaeque":  Sarmizegetusa 2003, Debrecen 2005, Debrecen 2010, Cluj-Napoca 2015   

-       Colloquium "Römische Provinzen - Begriff und Gründung": Cluj-Napoca 2006

-       Numismatic colloquium „Numisma": Cluj-Napoca 2007 

-       Symposium „Migration und Akkulturation im Osten des Mittelmeerraumes in hellenistischer und römischer Zeit": Iaşi, 2007 

-       Humboldt-Symposium „Pax Romana. Kulturaustausch und Wirtschafts-beziehungen in den Donauprovinzen des römischen Reichs": Varna - Tulcea 2008 (paper only)

-       Symposium „Romanisierung. Theorie und Praxis eines Forschungskonzepts": Iaşi 2009

-       Symposium „Roma e le province danubiane": Ferrara 2009

-       IInd colloquium „István Hahn" of the „Eötvös Loránd"-University: Budapest 2010

-       Romanian-Italian symposium „La numismatica per l'archeologia, l'archeologia per la numismatica": Rome 2010

-       Numismatic symposium „Together in a united Europe": Braşov 2011

-       Symposia of the Department for Ancient History of UBB: Cluj-Napoca 2011, 2012 

-       Symposia „In memoriam Constantin Daicoviciu": Caransebeş 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018   

-       Conference „Coinage, Minting and Monetary Circulation in Antiquity and the Middle Ages": Debrecen 2012

-       Conference "Pieniadz i systemy monetarne - Wspolne dziedzictwo Europy" of the Polish Numismatic Society: Augustow 2012 

-       Numismatic congress „The Coins Unites the Nations" of the Romanian Numismatic Society: Brașov 2012

-       Symposium "Banquets of Gods, Banquets of Men. Conviviality in the Ancient World": Cluj-Napoca 2012 

-       Conference „Non omnis moriar" dedicated to the centenary of István Hahn at the ELTE: Budapest 2013 

-       Colloquium „Trajan und seine Städte": Cluj-Napoca 2013

-       2nd International conference on the Roman Danubian provinces „Religion and Acculturation in the Danubian Provinces": Ferrara 2013

-       3rd International conference on the Roman Danubian provinces - Society and Economy: Vienna 2015

-       3rd International Numismatic Congress "Royalty in Romania": Braşov 2016

-       International epigraphic conference „People of the Ancient World. Romans 1 by 1": Cluj-Napoca 2016

-       International epigraphic conference „Roman Empire: a 21st Century Perspective ... In memoriam Géza Alföldy (1935-2011)": Gniezno 2016

-       International colloquium „Traianus. Optimus princeps": Ferrara 2017

-       Professor Fanula Papazoglu centenary symposium: Belgrade 2017

-       4th International conference on the Roman Danubian provinces „Trajan and the Danubian provinces": Zagreb 2017  

-       5th Symposion „Arheovest" (In honorem Doina Benea): Timişoara 2017

-       International conference „Roman Army and Local Society in the Limes Provinces of the Roman Empire": Iași 2018

-       4th International Numismatic Congress: Brașov 2018 

-       5th Romanian-Hungarian epigraphic roundtable ˮDefending the Polis, defending the Empire. The ancient Greek and Roman military strategy and inscriptionsˮ: Debrecen 2019

-       5th International conference on the Roman Danubian provinces ˮRomans and Natives  in the Danubian Provincesˮ: Iași 2019    



Main research fields:

-       Latin epigraphy (Roman municipal life, Roman provincial societies)

-       Ancient social history   

-       Ancient numismatics in Dacia  


Research grants:

Romanians:  2004-2006 ("From denarius to euro" - project director); 2006-2008 ("Roman coins in the Dacian economy"), 2006-2008 ("Integration of the Romanian space in the ancient civilization"), 2006-2009 ("Roman limes in Romania: the Roman soldier in peacetime"), 2007-2010 ("Mapping the Roman sites of Dacia"); 2011-2015 "Epigraphic heritage in northern Romania"; 2011-2016; "Lexicon epigraphicum Daciae Romanae" (project director)    

International:  2007-2008 ("Ubi erat Lupa") 

Romanian grant in progress:  „Communities, statutes, and politic ideology in Roman Dacia"


Academic visibility:

-  biographic mention in Enciclopedia personalităţilor din România, Hübner Who's Who, ed. IV, Bucureşti, 2009, p. 80

-  volume in honour:  Ioan Piso, Viorica Rusu-Bolindeț, Rada Varga, Silvia Mustață, Eugenia Beu-Dachin, Ligia Ruscu (eds.), Scripta classica. Radu Ardevan sexagenario dedicata, Cluj-Napoca, Mega Publishing House, 2011, 494 p.