Interethnic marriages: between an exercise of tolerance and a modern expression of indifference. 1895-2010
Intermarriage throughout History

Prof. dr. Kees Mandemakers (The Netherlands)
Prof. dr. Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux (France)
Prof. dr. Ioan Bolovan (Romania)
Prof. dr. Mary Louise Nagata (USA)
Prof. dr. Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga (France)
Prof. dr. Claudia Contente (Spain)
Prof. dr. Futoshi Kinoshita (Japan)
Prof. dr. Ofelia Rey Castelao (Spain)
Prof. dr. Peter Teibenbacher (Austria)
Dr. Mikolaj Szoltysek (Germany)
Dr. Mohamed Saleh (USA)
Prof. dr. Ravindran Gopinath (India)
Prof. dr. Jan Kok (The Netherlands)
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