Interethnic marriages: between an exercise of tolerance and a modern expression of indifference. 1895-2010
Intermarriage throughout History

The panels and the papers of the conference could take into consideration topics as follows, regarding various times and places:

-The impact of various historical events on the evolution of mixed marriages; This would cover the influences of the major ideologies on mixed marriages
Organizer: Prof. dr. Ioan Bolovan,

- The elements concerning mixed marriages in the secular and religious laws. This would cover the laic and ecleziastical legislation in historical perspective
Organizer: Prof. dr. Ioan Chirila

-The analysis of mixed marriage in the collective mentality (reflected in the newspapers, literature, memoirs and ethnographic sources)
Dr. Daniela Marza, Dr. Marius Eppel,,

- The quantitative dimension of the mixed marriages; finding explanations for the different levels of the extent of mixed marriages
Organiser: Dr. Mihaela Haragus, Dr. Bogdan Craciun,;

- The explicative mechanisms of mixed marriages; This would cover the different factors (social, economic, cultural, family background) involved in a mixed marriage and their balance.
Organizer: Prof. Dr. Traian Rotariu,

- The demographic behavior of mixed couples(prenuptial pregnancies, fertility, infant mortality). Do they follow the patterns of the fatherís group, of the motherís group or do they reflect a more individualistic lifestyle, precisely because the couple already has put itself outside  group mechanisms?
Organizer: Prof. Dr. Jan Kok,

- Jews and Christians - marital exchanges and anti-Semitism in 19th century Europe
Organizer: Prof. dr. Peter Teibenbacher,

- Mixed families without marriage. This would cover "families" of servants (when not able to marry or not even allowed for legal reasons) and families of slaves under colonial regimes, and also of couples in a union which is not recognized by the state (or the official Church) or the community. This topic is related to "illegitimacy" and has consequences on family transmission system, since children born in these unions have to face a lot of problems.
Organizer: Prof. dr. Antoinette Fauve Chamoux,

- Inside mixed marriages. The problem of children. The state, the Churches and the families had different aproaches concerning children born inside mixed marriages. This panel aims to analyse the lives of these children, the mixture of elements coming from outside family and their impact on the childrenís lives.
Organizer: Dr. Luminita Dumanescu,

Any other topic you might consider appropriate will be welcomed. We welcome proposals for papers and panels coming from young and established scholars working in history, sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology, law or religious studies. You are also invited to propose panels on such topics.

Paper proposals should include the title of the presentation, a brief abstract of up to 500 words, a short c.v., and the contact information of the author. Please send your abstract both to the panel organizers and at 

The official language of the conference will be English.
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