Project description
Directions and priorities in the international historiography
Research team
The budget structure
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Problems proposed to be solved belonging to the field and themes:
· geographical spaces (human communities, individual perceptions) in the
European’s perception;
· interception of western civilization outside Europe;
· the analyze of international relations through symbolically geographies;
· Central Europe study in the context of symbolically geographies;
· representation of geographical alterity in the Romanian imaginary;
· application by researchers in their own works, of  the most important methods, concepts and theories of this area,  to validate theoretical methods in present use;
· engendering of specific symbolically geographies methods and theories, by Romanian researchers;
· transfer the results towards Romanian and social academic environment, by organizing collocutionals, symposiums;
· collaboration with national and international institutions;
· correlation of human resources with the deployed project, by involving all the team members, in appropriate activities for their competence level;
· presence of students at all levels of research: training activities, documentation, development and dissemination;
· monitorthe obtained results by stimulating the publication of some articles on the theme of symbolically ge­o­gra­phies;
· comprehension of interactions between different civilization spaces through the promotion of interdisciplinary approaches.