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Directions and priorities in the international historiography
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Directions and priorities in the international historiography

The study of the symbolic geographies, an area relatively new for historical research (crystallized in the last two decade) can be defined such a mental representation of political, historical or cultural space, generated social imaginary level. These representations value these spaces and attribute characteristics and qualities from ideological and emotional nature. Therefore, the study of symbolically geographies is harmonized with methodological register of imaginary history and cannot be conceive without an interdisciplinary perspective. For make clear the symbolically geographies issue, other social science (anthropology, ethnography, social psychology, sociology, literary history and theory of international relations) were called to contribute, but real disciplines (geography, statistic and demography) also.

The priority of this research is represented by study of differences between East and West. This opposition appears in XVIII-century, when the rest of the World, inventing concept of civilization and identification mentally separated the Occident totally with this concept. Although the space of symbolically geographies can be divided (as we already explained) by trying a “totally approach”, we observe that, in fact, the perspective in which are created these ideological differences is that of the Occident perspective which identify alterity with the Orient.

Between important direction of symbolically geographies research we remind:
· the study of social imaginary as an environment for configuration of symbolically geographies ;
· comparative approach of hierarchically value of mental geographical space;
· the process analyze of creating new territorial configurations, cut up by ideological criteria (empire, national states);
· the study of manner in which practice interests and symbolical value of collectivity whit symbolical geographies are defended.

The objectives of study that approach symbolically representation of spaces are as follows:
· create the special languages for defining the concept and theories and establish the methods of research;
· explain cultural differences;
· demolish of myths that legitimate the symbolically geographical delimitation;
· identification of new modalities for international relations explanation;
· place the national history in large contexts able to relativize ethnocentric perspectives.