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Project description

The project proposes an interdisciplinary research, in a novelty and maximum interest area for social science: symbolically geographies. By studying value hierarchy of geographic spaces in social imaginary of various human communities, this research area is closed to ideological and political contemporary phenomenon. In the present context of accelerating globalization process, it is useful to create different instruments for analyze interactions and interdependences between world regions, in order to identify new modalities to explain international relations. The research results in this area offer other perspectives for understanding and solve identity crisis of contemporary societies. In this way cultural differences are explained, stereotypes that legitimated contemporary conflicts are demolished and national histories are placed in large explanations context, which is able to relativize ethnocentric perspectives.

In this project, we propose to approach the following study directions: 1) the perception of extra-european geographic spaces by the Europeans; 2) the perception of occidental model by civilizations outside of Europe; 3) the represent of geographical alterity in Romanian imaginary; 4) the international relations analyze from the perspective of symbolically geographies. Through the agency of these themes, we intend to rally the Romanian research to solve some crucial problems in the mentioned area and to propose some novel directions research. Equally, the project aim is to shape a new generation of Romanian researchers in this area and to deal with their introduction in international scientific dialogue.