Lapus 2013 - poze Mihai 
From: Omprakash  Thu Nov 28 11:47:59 2013
I'd love to give you an autograph, but due to motreany constrains I can only e-mail you one. Or something like that. Or put it in a bottle and hope it reaches its destination.


From: Dalvan  Tue Nov 26 13:35:06 2013
Started trying it yeratsdey, set the parameter to 0.010 traded 3, won 2 lost 1. Then i changed this to 0.03, got 2 signals sometime past midnight (UK) placed 1, and won. So, it seems the default config works best. Still trying it

From: Julia  Thu Nov 28 14:25:41 2013
Hi there, thank you so much for visiting my blog :) I like your style and I think Ill deiinftely be enjoying your blog. Once again thank you for the encouragement!


From: Gal  Thu Nov 28 13:36:24 2013
Another Christmas baby! I was born the 24th! I'm excited to read more of your blog, this is all info that I need and have been too lazy/busy to reesrach lately!


From: Elvis  Thu Nov 28 13:28:55 2013
Dude!I'm new to your blog, but I honestly think you devsree this award nomination! Congrats and keep doing what you do best-sharing your knowledge and your talent [you ARE talented, you know!]Mel


From: Armando  Thu Nov 28 11:16:57 2013
I've only read two posts and I am in tears. (the inspirational kind)Gratitude for ptnuitg the thoughts in my universe to words on a screen and now that little lump of ugh has transformed into ahha! . Them's the best! Have a brilliant day!! x


From: Cristian  Thu Nov 28 12:52:39 2013
I make art, sculpture, panintig, dance and have recently started writing but I can not sing nor am I very good at math. It is great to meet you. Yotaki Beautywalk


From: Alexandra  Thu Nov 28 15:52:09 2013
It's my wife (plus her three sisters and her dagteuhr) who have all the artistic talent. I am just grateful that the muse of poetry uses me as a channel now and again.


From: Bob  Thu Nov 28 14:40:11 2013
Numai in engleza. N-am mai scris fciitune in romana de vreo 2-3 ani. Din cate am vazut la tine pe blog si tu scrii tot in engleza. E vreun motiv pentru asta?


From: Christina  Thu Nov 28 11:30:36 2013
Between you and I, I can't draw a straight line eihter .and sometime I write something good but that's far few in between. LOL I love your intro. Sweet, short, and straight to the point.

From: Cut  Thu Nov 28 12:17:35 2013
Your books look intriguing! I just puscearhd Jazz for my Kindle Fire can't wait to read it! Love your bio, too. I promise not to ask you to sing.

From: Nizram  Thu Nov 28 12:26:24 2013
Absolutely love your blog. I'm excited when soemnoe loves and appreciates books and writing as much as I do. You really make me feel like someday my goal of publishing a book will happen. Keep posting! This stuff is golden Cristian!


2013-07-19 19.30.52.jpg  
From: Alexendre  Tue Nov 26 12:13:46 2013
VasileSalut Marius,Azi m-am inscris la Membership,cu 3 euro,am ruiset sa vad cateva filmulete,dar ghinion s-a intrerupt curentul si acum nu mai stiu cum sa ma loghez,ca sa vad mai departe. Cum sa procedez?


2013-07-20 15.20.32.jpg  
From: Evrim  Thu Nov 28 13:59:27 2013
Haha.. That line drawing coelmpx almost had me soil myself laughing in the stockholm subway at rush hour. I owe you one it seems. You appear to be a great, witty writer, keep it up!


2013-07-23 17.18.20.jpg  
From: Pavan  Tue Nov 26 10:18:02 2013
I am so glad you listened to those voceis BK, I have really enjoyed your stories :) I once tried to silence mine for over a decade, and it nearly killed me doing so. They can be vicious!!! Now they have had me writing double time since 2007 when I let them talk again. LOLGreat Post!


2013-07-26 12.26.20.jpg  
From: Arjani  Thu Nov 28 10:55:41 2013
I never thought that being able to draw a stagriht line was necessary for writing having a basic knowledge of grammar such as knowing the difference between it's and its is pretty useful though! Great blog.

From: Geisya  Thu Nov 28 11:39:58 2013
Hey man, cheers. Love the bio. I bet you're a kick-ass seignr, and straight lines are seriously over rated. Most of my lines look as if drawn while seizing.


2013-07-26 12.27.48.jpg  
From: Thirawoot  Tue Nov 26 11:39:52 2013
I just like the valuable info you prvidoe to your articles. I'll bookmark your weblog and take a look at once more here regularly. I'm quite sure I will be told a lot of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the following!

From: Mitali  Thu Nov 28 10:46:54 2013
needs more of those). Which begs the question: why write at all? One of my fvaroite bloggers,a0Cristian Mihai,a0asked this very question in his recent post,a0Why I Write. Here is my humble attempt at answering


2013-07-26 14.06.19.jpg  
From: Chochaii  Tue Nov 26 11:44:14 2013
you know what would be a nice gav-a-way prize? being able to be on a server with iaipodml! 15 lucky fans would get to be on a speacail server with iaipodml. does anybody else think that is a good idea

From: Axel  Tue Nov 26 15:34:21 2013
Hey I just wanna say that your blog is amazing and rellay aids and establishes newbie bloggers such as myself! Keep up the great writing and blogging!

From: Mugeebullah  Thu Nov 28 11:40:50 2013
Don't fret too much about the growing up Chistian. I'm 56 and still feel like a beiwrdeled six-year-old most of the time, and the world seems to make steadily less sense rather than more.


Panorama 360grade IMG_4876-IMG_4894-18images_pano.jpg  
From: Klmt  Thu Nov 28 14:26:49 2013
Great blog, from a fellow conrtuyman. I was born in Oradea (Nagyvarad) but left in 1970 and have not been back since. Thank you for liking my blog and hope to sharfe more in the future.Laszlo


Panorama IMG_4914_IMG_4917-4images_pano.jpg  
From: Dicky  Thu Nov 28 11:26:36 2013
I love your blog we pretty much the same, execpt you are a better writer lol. I love that you hunt and share your information on publishing. It's helps others, and I try to do the same as to help others reach their dreams. I follow you today because you are AWESOME.


Panorama IMG_4933_IMG_4936-4images_pano.jpg  
From: Plein  Tue Nov 26 10:28:06 2013
Thank you for stopping in. It is a great way to let wiretrs know they are not alone. I think we all go through some sort of same experience. It's just the wonder of "where do I go from here". I'm always available if anyone has any questions on how to get started. :).BK


Panorama IMG_4949_IMG_4952-4images_pano.jpg  
From: Fathiya  Tue Nov 26 11:52:16 2013
Sky barrier on the real world. There is no way to build past it, and fllnaig down acts as a sort of portal back, but you cannot go back up. Its just how the game works lol


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