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471X-ren1.1Renault, LaurenceFelicite humaine et conception de la philosophie chez Henri de Gand, Duns Scotus et Guillaume d'Ockhamda
472X-ren2.1Renaut, AlainPour une histoire critique de la philosophieda
473X-ric1.1Ricoeur, PaulFides Querens intellectum: antecedents bibliques?da
474X-ric1.2Ricoeur, PaulOntologieda
475X-rin1.1Rini, AdrianeHupo in the Prior Analytics: a note on Disamis XLLda
476x-ris1.3Rist, John M.Integration and the undescended soul in Plotinusda
477X-ris1.1Rist, John M.Ideas of individuals in Plotinusda
478X-ris1.2Rist, John M.The indefinite dyad and intelligible matter in Plotinusda
479x-rit1.1Ritchie, A.D. A Defence of Aristotle's Logicda
480X-rob2.1Robiglio, AndreaBreaking the Great Chain of Being: a note on the Paris condemnations of 1277, Thomas Aquinas and the proper subject of metaphysicsda