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Project description
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Objectives and activities

Culture and creativity in the age of globalization:
A study on the interactions between the cultural policy and artistic creativity

Objectives and activities - 2011 (Accomplished)

  1. Evaluating the roles of artists in the social movement and change and imagining new roles for artists and the arts in a creative society
    • 1.1 Analysis of modern and contemporary art practices and relations between historical avant-garde / neo-avant-garde and the politics / social utopias
    • 1.2 Analysis of cognitive, attitudinal and behavioural benefits of the arts: the artists and the exigencies of liberation and authenticity
  2. Formulating a new theoretical model of public action in the cultural field, able to confront the challenges raised by cultural globalization and to enhance creativity
    • 2.1 Analysis of the cardinal values of the artistic competence
    • 2.2 Activities of theory production: formulating a new conceptual framework for a more inclusive and effective cultural policy
    • 2.3 Activities of theory production: arguments and solutions for a more inclusive and effective cultural policy; reframing it from defensive policies to creativity policies
  3. Dissemination of the research results within the national and international scientific community
    • 3.1 Participating in international conferences:
      • 5th Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics 2011, Cartagena/Spania;
      • ESA 2011 Geneva/Elveţia;
      • UEE 2011 Ohrid/Macedonia;
      • 37th STP&A 2011 Lexington/SUA;
      • Workshop „Culture and Democracy – Meeting of European Experts”, Vienna/Austria
    • 3.2 Actualizing the grant web page
    • 3.3 Publishing the research results (3 articles in ISI and IDB indexed journals, 1 collective volume, 1 book)