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Objectives and activities

Culture and creativity in the age of globalization:
A study on the interactions between the cultural policy and artistic creativity

Objectives and activities - 2010 (Accomplished)

  1. Understanding how institutional conditions and various types of support influence the creative processes both at individual and social collective dimension, and transform the social evaluation of artist’s profession and the construction of the symbolic and economic values of art works
    • 1.1 Comparative analysis: different institutional frameworks and creative infrastructure and theirs effects on artistic creativity
    • 1.2 Examination of the roles of the state and artistic institutions in the social construction of the artistic reputation and the value of artworks
  2. Evaluating the impact of different models of cultural policy on the structure and functioning of the art worlds, particularly the artists’ social and professional status, as well as the relations set up in the art worlds through the competition for social recognition between social actors (artists, mediators, public) and different artistic practices (traditional, modern, contemporary)
    • 2.1 Comparative and typlogical analyses: the main models of cultural policy in the Western world; the relations between public and private sphere, state intervention and individual initiative; the entire private model, the non-interventionist model and the etatique model
    • 2.2 Case studies: Local art market and the construction of value of artworks; Social and professional evaluations of the artistic profession in Romania/France/USA; The changing regime of contemporary art: globalization, networking and concurrence
  3. Evaluating the impact of artistic creativity on the contemporary frames of social experience and establishing the most appropriate ways of supporting artistic creativity in the age of cultural globalization
    • 3.1 Analysis of theories and concepts of creativity: creative subject, creative class, creative city, creative society
    • 3.2 Exploring the artistic sources of creative activity in the post-industrial society: relations between art, innovation, new practices of production. Analysis of the roles of artistic critique in transforming the social order and the dynamic of ideologies
    • 3.3 Case studies at local level compared to global level: visual arts sector; city policy and creative cities; global cultures and the internationalization of arts worlds
  4. Dissemination of the research results within the national and international scientific community
    • 4.1 Participating in international conferences: ESA-Aesthetics Udine/Italy; ESA-RN Arts 2010 Surrey/Great Britain; 6th ICCPR 2010 Jyvaskyla/Finland; 36th STP&A 2010, USA; UEE 2010 Belgrad/Serbia;
    • 4.2 Actualizing the grant web page
    • 4.3 Publishing the research results (3 articles in ISI and IDB indexed journals, 1 volume)