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Project description
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Objectives and activities

Culture and creativity in the age of globalization:
A study on the interactions between the cultural policy and artistic creativity

Objectives and activities - 2009 (Accomplished)

  1. Clarifying the different philosophical and political values and rationales that found and justify cultural policies
    • 1.1 Monitoring and analyzing the cultural policy discourse: principles of cultural policy, justifications of government interventions in the artistic field
    • 1.2 Case study: Cultural policy and values: intrinsic vs. instrumental? The case of Romania
  2. Understanding the phenomena of cultural globalization and its effects on the conceptual and practical frames of cultural policy: conceptions of culture, art, artist and creativity, the various forms of government interventions in the cultural field and their logics and dilemmas
    • 2.1 Conceptual analysis: local, national and global cultures; ideas of culture, contemporary art, artist and creativity in the discourse of cultural policy (Romania, France, Germany, Netherlands, USA)
    • 2.2 Analysis of contemporary cultural practices: the roles of national cultures in relation to global cultures; cultural globalization and politics of identity
    • 2.3 Case study: The public action between the logics of cultural democracy and the logics of cultural democratization (France)
  3. Dissemination of the research results within the national and international scientific community
    • 3.1 Participating in international conferences: University of Bucharest / New Europe College, ESA-Arts 2009 Lisbon, Portugal
    • 3.2 Creating/actualizing the grant web page
    • 3.3 Publishing the research results (3 articles in ISI and IDB indexed journals)