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  • The papers submitted for publishing shall be provided in computerized form to the contact address of the magazine:
  • The papers shall be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Magazine which is compounded of specialized persons for each filed of activity
  • Each paper shall be reviewed by 2 (3) specialized scientific referents with the scientific degree of Professor or Lecturer
  • The papers may be sent back to the authors in order to remake/correct them, if they are not in concordance with the scientific content of the magazine or present serious editing errors
  • The accepted papers shall be published in the current number of the magazine
  • The authors are fully responsible for the authenticity, content, editing and translation of the paper
  • The authors must respect the Copyright laws.
  • The papers must be presented in Romanian or in one of the following languages: English, French, German or Italian before at least three months the magazine is published.
  • Each subject must be accompanied by a consistent abstract in an international language, or in Romanian for the papers of the foreign authors.
  • For editing is recommended Word: Justify, typeface: Times New Roman, size:12 and spacing:1,5.